The Author

To Blog or Not to Blog, that is the question.

The Journey has been arduous!

I had literally finished a contract a day before Jack was born. Being blunt and honest, we totally underestimated the whole sphere of Down Syndrome. I thought things would be back to normal in 2 to 3 years …. 7 Years later, well, forget your previous life and ambitions! “What a curveball.”

Me going forwards

I have always focused on what I can’t do very well, rather than what I’m bloody good at. And this is a good part of the reason for not taking up blogging before now.

I am rubbish at spelling and grammar, but technically I am spot on (Being involved in I.T. & I.S. delivery for many years), Websites, Webhosting, SEO, Imagery, verbal diarrhea, touring/travel, but not very good a wordcraft. So why should this stop me from blogging? You tell me?

Apart from the issue mentioned earlier, why don’t I get a real job, you may ask? I shall explain, with plenty of waffle!

The stay at home dad!

My previous career meant being away from home, and we did not start a family for me not to see and not have a relationship with my three children. Nici, my partner, works less than a mile up the road, so I took the title of “Stay at home dad”. Throw a little bit of Down Syndrome into the mix (Jack, our youngest child) and not working since 2013, plus the fact I am rapidly approaching the age of 50 (Now Past 50) does not make you very employable.

I needed to engineer an income that suited my family commitments, skills, and what I ENJOY!

I have become a blogger!

From the age of 18, I have toured mainland Europe. Plains, Trains, Automobiles, Motorhomes, Motorcycles etc… Snowboarded, Cruised, walked, Mountain Biked stayed in Tents, Motorhomes, Chalets & mobile homes/static caravans.

And now I love to share these adventures with my family and friends.

When I am not traveling with my family

I am on the road with my wingman Johnathon McDonald. We have been friends for nearly 20 years. We have snowboarded, ridden motorcycles, driven & flown around Europe. (But now you will find us in a cafe having a sneaky beer)