About this site

Are we quitting Facebook & Twitter?

Short answer = No

On the contrary, we intend to post more pictures and short videos as and when the remission of COVID allows us to. Our other channels are alive and kicking too (and work in progress), our Website/Blog TikTok – Instagram – Snapchat – Youtube – Twitch, and we intend to drive them all.

Social Media Giants Greed

As of January 2021, Mark Zuckerberg’s (CEO Facebook/Instagram) net worth is $90 billion, making him the 4/5th-richest person globally. Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter Inc, net worth: US$12 billion (December 2020). These two giant social media apps/websites/platforms pay nothing to content creators like Dabonga.Com (Us) and then charge us to reach our followers (this is why you don’t see all our posts, we have to pay to ensure everybody sees our posts). Taking into consideration the cost and effort it takes to generate content. I say that is “A Bad Show Old Chap.”

How do we get remuneration for our efforts?

You may agree or disagree, but we would like to make a little bit of money from our efforts (of which go back into creating content), and there are several ways we can make this happen (None From Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

Youtube, Twitch & TikTok reward the Content Creators and Influencers.

  • Creators: People who develop original video content for digital properties and consider creating that content to be their careers or livelihood.
  • Influencers: Individuals who sway the brand preferences, buying decisions, and loyalty of the population because of their notoriety or fame.

Why the name change to Dabonga.Com

At first, we were called “My Son, Jack.” Initially, that was ok, but it was bigger than that. It was the whole family (Jack is not Jack without his family). So I decided to change the name to a nondescript name that could mean anything and group our merry band under one roof. This name was available on all social media platforms, and once heard, never forgotten! DABONGA! (And it happened to be the name of my Limited Business from my I.T. Consultancy days)

Reviews – Sponsors – Product Placement

If a manufacturer or supplier has sponsored the equipment or service, it will still get a down to earth review in how it is used for my requirements (hence giving it a context and narrative of use).

The site is about how I do things and the equipment & services I use to give the desired result, in this case, touring. I appreciate there are many ways to achieve the same goal. In the future, I will set-up a forum for people to exchange ideas.

Donations are WELCOME!

Should you give? No!

Should you feel guilty for not donating? No!

Should you feel embraced for not donating? No!

All donations are welcome and go towards the cost of our adventures and equipment/subscriptions required to capture and document our experiences that you so much enjoy. 

Due to being Jack’s full-time carer, I receive £67.25 a week from the U.K. Government, and I am also restricted to £12k a year minus the £67.25, so every little bit helps.